My muse

“I love you. I love you in every possible way. When you smile, it takes my breathe away. Your eyes make my heart skip a beat. When I look into them, I see into your soul, which you guard so well. You let me in, let me see you.

When I’m near you I feel like myself. That you won’t judge me based on my flaws. You love me for me. You have captivated me, from your elvish ear all the way in to your soul and personality.

Promise me something? Never leave me. One day soon I’ll be able to persuade you to marry me. To let me take care of you in every way. Let me run my fingers across you velvet skin, kiss your sweet and succulent lips, make you giggle, make you smile, hold you when you’ve had a long and rough day, run my fingers through your silky smooth hair, make you glow brighter than the sun, and complete you. I hope you’ll let me some day because I know I can.”